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Born to be Wild

The animal kingdom is full of all sorts of unique noises. But why do animals make so many different types of sounds? Our Summer 2018 and 2018-2019 School Assembly Program will explore these sounds and what they mean.

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Creepy Critters

Intended as a seasonal program centered around Fall Festivals and Halloween, Creepy Critters focuses on those less cuddly and icky creatures whose importance is often taken for granted. This program features arachnids, insects and snakes to illustrate that such undesirable critters serve an extremely important purpose to the environment.

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Animal Science

The Animal Science program will introduce and explore the topic of Animal Classifications. Participants will meet and learn about a member of each of the following animal types: Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Mammal, Invertebrate and maybe even a Fish!

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Animal Tales Birthday Parties

You get to pick the animals that you want at your party, making for a birthday party you and your child will never forget!

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Reptiles Rock

For centuries, reptiles have intrigued and horrified people often due to simple misunderstanding. We will attempt to reverse these misunderstandings by bringing live reptile ambassadors to your location…

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Holiday Safari

Our Holiday Safari program features 6 live animals that you get to choose. Participants will select a present from beneath a small Christmas Tree containing a clue which corresponds to one of the surprise guest animals. All will have an opportunity to get “hands-on” during this special program.

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Creatures of the Galaxy

We are an educational program company that brings the live animals to you. Be prepared to get up close and personal with unique animals like you’ve never seen!

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Past Programs

Zoofari Earth
Nature's Night Life
Animal Underground

Animal Avengers
Nature's Olympian

Animal Architects


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Be prepared to get up close and personal with animals from all over the world! Our programs don’t just lecture but involve the crowd, giving the audience members a chance to work with the animals!
We facilitate the learning experience by getting people involved in all of our programs. On top of that, every single show is unique because the animals (unlike the presenters) don’t have a script!

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